全てはここに集約するフラッグシップモデル:Flagship model that all are gathered here





The 15oz fabric that is hardened by the hard part of the thread enhances the texture, and tightens by tightening it, resulting in a strong and rough denim.




A regular type straight, one piece that is indispensable for talking about Samurai jeans that are simple but show attention to silhouette and sewing.





The design has been changed slightly based on the patch of the first "S0510XX", which is the origin of the Samurai that imaged Musashi and Kojiro, but it is still inherited.






[Yarn] Only Texas cotton with rough characteristics is used. Since the thread is twisted more than usual, the hardness of the material is increased.

[Dyeing] The ultimate dark color that can be produced with pure indigo. The core white of the thread is left large, and it is easy to get a hit at the time of discoloration.

[Woven] Since the tension is put in as much as possible and the thread is put in to the maximum, the fabric is not stretched to the full extent.

[Ear] Silver thread is used for the sword ear cell bitch. [Keep the sword inside and do not pull it out unnecessarily. But as long as I am a samurai, I must remember my pride.”






Spec: 15oz sword ear selvage denim / iron sunrise button / various irregular slake / samurai money rivet / various irregular rivet / made in Japan